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Katie hardy

Fueled by a creative passion and a love of weddings born after planning my own, I've been planning large events since 2016. I thoroughly enjoy a challenge: my favorite thing to tell my clients is to "go for it!"  I am deeply committed to seeing out the success of my clients' events and watching them thoroughly enjoy their wedding day. By combining what I know best: attention to detail, creativity & a love for people and their vision, I am here for what you're here for... to bring your love story to life & to ensure that you enjoy the planning process as much as the wedding day. Becoming your biggest advocate is part of why I love my job.

Walking in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, enjoying my hour lunch break, I stumbled upon a second-hand shop where brides could resell their wedding goods. (After all, what do you do with 400 votive candle holders after a wedding?) I spoke with the owner of that shop for well over my lunch break hour, fascinated by the wedding industry. I told her it would be wonderful to pursue working weddings, as her shop had piqued my interest! The owner smiled and said, "honey, if you're already thinking of pursuing it, you won't last much longer in the corporate world!" 

She was right.

It all started in 2016 during one lunch break amidst my human resources career...

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